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Why choosing instant free radio code ?

below some arguments on why you have to choose our service to retrieve the radio code of your car online


We provide permanent car radio unlock codes. When you use our codes, your radio will work on any car again - forever. Just enter the code following our instructions and finally unlock your radio.


Can you use your phone to make a phone call? If so, then you have the technical knowledge required to use our radio unlock codes. In addition, we provide simple instructions that everyone can use.


We are providing car stereos codes in more than 200 countries around the world. More than 2 million head units are unlocked with the help of our high quality service that we offer to our customers since 7 years of experience.


Getting the right code to unlock your radio can be difficult, but we have a lot of experience, so our systems are streamlined and efficient. As a result, our car radio decoding delays are the fastest in the industry.


Our unlock code are completely safe for your car and stereo, Absolutely no technical knowledge is required. No software downloads are required. In addition to all these, we are the most reliable supplier to retrieve the radio unlock code.


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What is a car radio code ?

A radio code is a set of numbers associated with a security function present in the majority of car head units. If your car radio is flashing "CODE", then it has this security feature, and you will need to insert the unlock code if you want to use your car stereo again.

Most car radios have a memory hold function that allows the radio to remember presets, time and other information. All this information is lost if the battery is disconnected or dies.

However, some car radios also include an anti-theft feature that prevents them from functioning if they lose power. This means that if a thief steals your car stereo, it will become a worthless device as soon as it cuts the cables. Unfortunately, this feature comes also if your battery dies.

In order for your car stereo to work again, you need to locate the appropriate car radio code and enter it using a method specific to the make and model of your car haed unit. There are two ways to locate the code and the procedure. Once you have the code, you can note it in a safe place.

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How to get your free car radio code ?

bellow are step by step in how to retrieve the autoraio post code of your car online without wasting time.

Select your radio model and fill in the form

You must first select the exact brand or model of your car radio that you wish to unlock. Then fill out the form with your car radio serial number and the e-mail in which you wish to receive the car radio unlock code of your vehicle.

We send you the car radio code by email

Once your unlock code is successfully generated, you will receive an email notification with the unlock code and step-by-step instructions to ulock your car stereo. The delivery time may vary depending on the model of the radio. but most cases are instanement.

Enter the unlock code in your radio

After receiving the email with the car radio unlock code, simply follow the step-by-step instructions to insert the code on your car stereo. After inserting the unlock code, your car head unit will be fully unlocked for use again.

What our Customers say

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The most frequently asked questions that occur before a request is made to retrieve a free car radio code.

How to get a free car stereo code ?

Before requesting a radio unlock code, you must first find the serial number suitable for the brand or model of your car radio, then you must go to the page appropriate your radio model and fill the form with the serial number and an active email address to send you the correct car radio code. So you just have to enter the unlock code and give life to your radio again

What to do if my car radio is locked ?

If you enter the wrong code a number of times, the radio can lock you. In this case, you will not be able to enter any other code until you have completed the reset procedure. In some cases, you will need to disconnect the battery again and leave it disconnected for a while. In other cases, you will need to turn on the ignition (but not the engine), turn on the radio and wait between half an hour and one hour.

How to find my car radio serial number ?

1- Press and hold radio preset buttons 1 and 6. While holding down these buttons, turn your key to the ON position. This will not start the vehicle. After a few moments, your radio displays an alphanumeric code. This is the serial number of your radio that you will need to record.

2- The radio serial number is located on the body of your radio. To access it, you must remove the radio from the dashboard. Consult your owner's manual to learn how to remove the radio properly or bring your vehicle to a professional if in doubt. Incorrect removal of the radio may damage the unit and the dashboard.

How to enter your car radio code ?

The exact process for entering a car radio code varies from situation to situation. In most cases, you will use the volume or tuner buttons or buttons to select numbers, and then click the button or press another button to advance. Since you can isolate yourself by acting badly or introducing too much bad code, it is important to know what you are doing before locking or bricking your car head unit.

Is it possible to get my car radio code without serial number ?

Unfortunately no, to get the radio code of your car you must provide us with your car radio serial number that you can find on the screen or printed on the body of your car stereo, so that we can give you the correct code to unblock your car radio and put it back to work again

Does unlocking my car radio using codes can damage it ?

No, we unlock the car radio via serial number. This is the safe and secure car stereo unlocking method recommended by the manufacturers of the radios themselves, and does not damage the software or the hardware of your car head unit.